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Are you a stressed-out workaholic who's become a stranger to your family and friends?

In 33 years as a practicing veterinarian (24 of those in ER/Critical Care), I've suffered the consequences of an unsustainable high-stress, sleep-deprived, zero work/life balance lifestyle.  I've been miserable, depressed, exhausted, failing in my relationships, and likely headed for an early grave.

What I learned in the process of saving myself from that 'pit of despair' has transformed my life, and and given me the tools to help you do it too.  

My mission is to empower every overworked, over-stressed veterinary professional who knows they need a change, but doesn't know where to start.  I'll help you create a life you can finally look forward to, both at work and at home.  


Success doesn't have to feel like a prison-sentence.  Click the button below to schedule your free consult, and let's get you enjoying more quality time. More peace.  Less stress.  


Why wait for "someday" to be happy? Let's talk!

My Qualifications

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