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The Law Of Attraction

I’ve noticed that when something seems to be going well in my life, suddenly EVERYTHING seems to be going well. And when something is not going well, it seems like there’s a chain-reaction of misfortune. Nearly everyone I know has experienced this.

Maybe there really is something to the “Law of Attraction,” the philosophy that the energy you put out into the world is the energy that you attract back to yourself. When something is going well for me I carry myself differently, I interact with people differently. I feel like nothing can spoil my good mood. So it’s not surprising that I think good things seem to all happen at once. The common denominator is me. Same thing with negative energy. When I’m down or resentful or angry, that energy is going to contaminate everything I do, everyone I interact with, and my perceptions of everything that happens to me. One misfortune seems to follow another. Again... the common denominator is me.

What if I could use that awareness to break a negative cascade before it ever really gets started? What if I could intentionally project positive energy despite anything negative that I might be dealing with at the time? How would that affect the progression of my day, and my experience of the world? If the Law of Attraction is how things work, then the inevitable conclusion is that I’m at least partly in control of my luck. If I can intentionally project positive, constructive energy into the world around me, then I can proactively influence what comes back to me as a result.

It sounds pretty “Woo”, but what do I really have to lose by trying it?

“We don’t experience the world as it is. We experience the world as we are.” I know this to be true. It’s the reason why 10 different people can see the same incident, and have 10 different interpretations of what happened. So if I want to make MY world a better place, it starts with making myself a more positive-focused person. What we focus on, we magnify. I’d rather magnify the good things in my life and see if a positive attitude can attract positive results.

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