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What We Magnify

“What we focus on, we magnify”

—Joel Osteen

I was first exposed to this concept when I was learning to kayak whitewater. The instructors told us to look at where we wanted to go, not where we didn’t want to go. If you’re staring at the rock you don’t want to hit, you’ll hit it every time.

The same is true for our mental energy. If we’re focused on what we don’t want, what we’re dreading and afraid of, it will consume our awareness. We will bring it into reality just because of all the energy and attention we’re giving it. If I only have so much energy on any given day... why would I give ANY of it to something I don’t want?

The more time and energy I spend on the things I do want to manifest in my life, the higher my chance of success. The happier and more optimistic I will be. My choices and actions will be more likely to bring that goal into existence. The less negativity I’ll have in my life.

A friend said to me, “If you don’t believe it yourself yet, I’ll believe it for you until you do.” If other people can believe in me so much, why shouldn’t I believe in myself?

This is my new daily affirmation: “I will allow myself to believe I am the person everyone else thinks I am”. Time to stop dimming my own light. Time to stop hiding from the world. Time to stop hiding from myself. We generate the results we believe we deserve. Today I choose to focus on the things I want more of in my life, and to let myself believe that I deserve them.

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