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Weight Loss

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Everything you know about weight loss is wrong!  


You can lose all your extra weight without ever having to count calories or points, without having to weigh & measure your food, and without having to cut carbs or fat.  You can lose your weight without ever having to eat “diet food” that you don’t even like.  Suffering and deprivation are not allowed.  And as a side-effect of the weight-loss tools I'll teach you, you might accidentally start to love, believe in, and take pride in yourself again!


Sound impossible?  I’m here to tell you that’s exactly how I lost 85 pounds.  I did it while still having all my favorite "Kryptonite" foods. I became happier, calmer, and more confident.  And I can teach you how.

Who am I?:  My name is Natalie Fayman, and I'm a certified professional coach. I specialize in weight loss, overcoming emotional eating and self-sabotage, stress resilience, and sustainable habit change.

What I do: I help women get off the vicious cycle of suffering through unsustainable, restrictive diets… losing some weight until they can’t stand the misery anymore… then rebound-eating and regaining.  No one deserves to live this way!   


Why you need to give yourself one more try:  If you failed your previous diets, it's not your fault.  You've been lied to by the weight-loss industry.  Diets don't work because we depend on food to manage our emotions.  What's the first thing you do when you're feeling stressed, angry, lonely, or bored?  You reach for a snack, right?  If food is your best coping skill, you’ll only magnify your stress and frustration when you try to take it away. I will teach you a better way, so that you can lose your weight for the last time while learning to create a happier, more stress-free life.  

Foggy Lake

Radical Truths About Weight Loss!

The 10 most important things the diet industry won't tell you about how to lose weight for good. See how I lost 85 pounds without feeling deprived... and so can you!


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Sustainable Weight Loss

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