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What a transformative and supportive time we spent! I had the pleasure of being coached by Natalie during a transitional time in my career. Natalie’s attentive and genuine nature shined through; she encouraged me to do the heavy lifting, but shared just enough to make our discussions more meaningful and impactful. I took away some great learnings, tools, confidence and direction that I did not yet have going into our discussions. I valued our time greatly, and would highly recommend Natalie for supportive coaching.

-Cathy T.

I can’t say enough about Natalie. She is the most committed, caring and invested coach. What I love is that she creates a beautiful space that allows for personal transformation and growth, while directing the conversation in a way that supports where her client wants to go. I highly recommend her.

-Martha M

Having worked with several coaches over the years, I can say without hesitation that Natalie stands out among the rest. Through her kindness, patience, and expertise, she helped me to overcome a lifelong fear of speaking up in groups, by elucidating the connection between speaking up and honoring my value of making a unique contribution. And this couldn't have come at a better time, as I was in the process of starting a new job, and wanting very much to get off on the right foot. Going through this experience was a real game changer, and to have Natalies support throughout this process was nothing short of amazing!

-L. Bolle, Boston, MA

Natalie’s coaching is transformational. She has helped me get clarity on my goals and helped me think through how I can incorporate stress resilience and workouts in my day to day, increasing my overall well being. Her coaching is informed by scientific research and her own incredibly personal transformation. She knows what it takes to truly transform and is living proof that when there is a will, a good process and a way, you can change!

-Ines O

I took the six week course with coach Natalie Fayman in July and August of 2022, with another fellow veterinarian. Natalie was very supportive during this six week intensive training. With the training that I Learned in the Positive Intelligence class, I have been able to better manage the stresses of my life in the past year which included my mother's declining health and passing away, my son's struggles at school, my business struggles, and other life stressors. This course will help you calm down your mind and be able to focus better with whatever you're dealing with in your life. 

-Ethel L.

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