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Stress Resilience
Better Relationships
Sustained Mental Focus
Better Communication
Less Conflict

It's the owner's manual for the human brain that you always wished you had. 

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Remember Who You Used To Be

Once upon a time... you were a starry-eyed kid overflowing with curiosity, creativity, and certainty that you were meant to do something meaningful in this world.  Then, life started trampling on your spirit. You learned about rejection, mean people, and emotional pain.  But that beautiful unspoiled essence is still hiding inside you, afraid to come out into the sunlight.  Learn how to find that kid again, how to protect and nurture them, and how to let them guide you to "True North".   

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Stress is not the thing that happens to you... stress is your reaction to what's happening to you.

• Learn science-backed techniques to shift you out of those old familiar stress-reactions and into your inner sanctuary of ease and flow.

• Rediscover what gives real meaning and purpose to your life, and how to experience more joy.

• Learn how to stop pushing yourself, and be energized by what truly inspires you.

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What's Sabotaging You?

If you're not managing your mind on purpose, it's hijacking you more than you know.  I'll teach you proven techniques to harness the full power of that amazing brain of yours, so it works for you instead of running away with you. 

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Ready to learn more?


Have you ever...

  • Said yes when you really wanted to say no, to keep someone else happy?

  • Said, "It's just faster and easier if I do it myself"?

  • Avoided something unpleasant by staying busy with something else?

  • Taken control of a group project to ensure it was done right?

  • Gotten stuck in a pattern of worry and anticipating problems?

  • Said, "Nothing ever goes right for me"?

These are just some of the patterns that sabotage your success and happiness. You might not even be aware of them.

But they've hijacked you for long enough. 

Click here to take a free 5-minute assessment to see where hidden stress could be sneaking into your life.  Then come back and schedule a free 30-minute consult with me to unpack your results. 

Natalie Fayman, DVM, CPC, ACC, CPQC

Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

Positive Intelligence Mastery Graduate

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and Former Workaholic

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