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What if you actually looked forward to Mondays?

Is your workplace currently struggling with...

  • Inefficiency and disorganization

  • "Us vs. Them" mentality

  • Interpersonal conflict

  • Gossip and drama

  • Lack of initiative or innovation

  • Turnover

  • Poor engagement


How much is that costing you in time? Energy? Stress? Money?

Building a "suck-free" workplace is a team effort. 

What could you achieve if you had a team that...

  • Was fully invested in a shared vision and purpose

  • Felt called to give their best effort every day

  • Took pride in their work, and their teammates

  • Directs their time & energy where it has the most impact

  • Brings out the best in each other instead of the worst

  • Is willing to go above and beyond in support of each other, and the organization

  • Holds each other accountable instead of waiting for the Boss

  • Takes pleasure in coming to work every day

All this and more is achievable with the Positive Intelligence program for medical teams. 

I can offer you a science-based program that yields proven results in just 6 weeks.


Improve emotional intelligence (EQ) and enhance performance without sacrificing wellness. These are the skills that will help your team reach it's full potential. 


Experience greater collaboration, better conflict-management, and superior innovation and engagement, with reduced career/life-dissatisfaction, turnover and burnout.

Team members and leaders learn to develop:

• Triple Purpose-Finding personal, professional, and global fulfillment in the work they do

• Healthy Conflict-using conflict as a tool to create closer and more trusting relationships

• Earned Trust-creating a safe environment that encourages authenticity, creativity, and innovation

• Mutual Accountability-team members are accountable to each other for both behavior and results

• Energy Optimization-Improved mental focus creates greater impact with less energy drain

• Team Architecture-deep appreciation and understanding of each team member's role

• Effortless Stress Management

• Effective Leadership

• Better Performance

• And much more

As these skills grow, individuals will transform their experience at work and at home, creating a growth-mindset and an optimal environment for personal and professional fulfillment.

Book your free consult today, and let's start building your dream-team!

Natalie Fayman, DVM, CPC, ACC, CPQC

Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

Positive Intelligence Mastery Graduate

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and Former Workaholic

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