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Maybe It’s Not Their Fault?

Have you ever come away from an interaction with someone and thought to yourself, “what the Hell was THEIR problem???”

Well, assuming you weren’t being a jerk to them and didn’t deserve the way they treated you, there are basically 2 possibilities.

1: They are dealing with something in their life that you know nothing about, and they deserve your understanding and compassion….

2: They were responding to something they perceived about you. Your tone, your body language, or something about your energy in general. You might not even be aware of it.

If you have an unexpectedly negative experience with someone else, stop for a moment and ask yourself what sort of energy you brought into that interaction. If you’re still brooding over the fight you had with your spouse, or something dick-ish your boss said to you, or the random internet troll you had a political debate with… you will bring that destructive energy into your interactions with other people who have no idea what YOUR problem is.

90% of all human communication is non-verbal. If you are experiencing any kind of negative energy, it will be expressed in the way you interact with others. It takes a special kind of person to look at themselves first, when something unpleasant happens. But the truth is that we can’t control the actions or feelings of others. We can only control ourselves. The energy we get back from others is a reflection of the energy we project out into the world. If you want to improve your own experience, try being the best version of yourself.

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