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Stress Resilience

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Remember Who You Used To Be

Once upon a time... you were a child overflowing with curiosity, creativity, and boundless energy.  The world was a place full of wonder, and every day was a new adventure.  That is who you really are.  That is your true unspoiled essence.  Then, life started slowly trampling on your spirit. You learned about rejection, mean people, and emotional pain.  But that beautiful unspoiled essence is still hiding inside you, she's just afraid to come out into the sunlight.  Learn how to find her again, how to protect and nurture her, and how to let her be your guide to your "True North".   

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Stress is not the thing that happens to you... stress is your reaction to what's happening to you.

Learn science-backed techniques proven to create new neural pathways in your brain, to shift you out of those old familiar stress-reactions and into your inner sanctuary of ease and flow. Rediscover who you were truly meant to be, what really matters in your life, and how to experience more of the things that bring you joy. Learn how to stop pushing away from what you want to avoid, and let yourself be pulled forward by what truly inspires you. 

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Who Are Your Saboteurs?

Saboteurs are those automatic thoughts and reactions that generate negative emotions as you handle life’s challenges. Until now they've been deciding how you think, feel, and respond. They were formed in early childhood to help you navigate safely through an uncertain world where you had no control.  Now, they're just getting in your way, but they're still trying to run your life by pretending to be useful.  In reality, the Saboteurs are causing your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and unhappiness. They are standing in the way of better performance, wellbeing, and relationships.  And you might not even see them for what they are. Find out which ones are messing with you, and how they're getting away with it!     

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Ready to learn more?


I'll combine the powerful 6-week Positive Intelligence program with transformational private coaching to create an experience that will forever change the course of your life. Don't let your inner Saboteurs convince you that you're stuck.  You are the Captain of your own ship, and it's time to take the wheel in both hands!  Six months from now, you could still be living the same life you already have, or thanking yourself for making the best decision ever. 


Watch my 30-minute live talk on Stress-Resilience, then book your free session to take your first step to a happier life.  

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